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#137 by angelwhisper.m..
on 2021-10-24 03:21:21
website is broken, set new password and it still says its wrong
#136 by Asteria
on 2021-08-17 05:45:56
#135 by Demi
on 2021-07-01 04:19:35
#133 by Maple
on 2021-04-18 00:17:27
H.. H-Hello!~
#132 by Kelly
on 2021-01-18 11:03:18
Latex Pony looking for trainer
#131 by Kelly
on 2021-01-18 10:46:06
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Petplay Community

1888 Stables

Stable Owner:
Ponygirl FillyAnn


1888 is a Victorian sim set in the East End of London in (of course) the year 1888. As in actual Victorian times, the pony is very valuable. The 1888 Stables have long been inactive, but we hope to get them going again now (late 2015, OOC) with the addition of new ponies and trainers. The emphasis, however, will be less on competition and more on the BDSM and fetish aspects of pony play, at least at this juncture, in reflection of the sim theme in general. (Things might change as we find ponies and trainers, depending on what they desire.) If you might be interested in this type of pony play, please contact our lead pony (mislabeled as "stable owner" above), FillyAnn (aka BilliAnn Bravin).