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#119 by kolan2258..
on 2019-07-19 10:32:22
#118 by Kevα..
on 2019-04-12 06:17:37
#117 by Pretty Killer
on 2019-02-26 01:58:37
Any Stables Accepting Applications?
#116 by Dana
on 2019-01-20 02:57:10
Bennafield Stable now GTFO ready!
#115 by lilemms mist
on 2019-01-04 16:26:57
new stable up and starting
#114 by Morgana Malibu..
on 2018-11-09 01:52:23
my photo wont load'
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Petplay Community

DarkWing Barn & Stable

Stable Owner:
safra nitely


DARKWING-FAMILY BARN is a private / Public stable run by Miss Safra Nitely.

DarkWing Stables offers facilitys for both NEW and EXISTING ponies

We have a PRIVATE yard for out reguler and deidcated ponies, including ponies from the darkwign-alikat team, Who are more than willing to trian mew ponies in the slkills of polos

As well as out FREE OPEN STABLE for ponies that wish to come use out facilitys and STAY a while:  Stalls are curtosy of ENSLAVED PRODCUTS.WE DO NOT CHARGE ANF FEES OR REQUESTIO DONATIONS for the use of out facilitys, being 100% privatly funded. All out trainersw and staff work for Free as well.

We are a stable created by PONIEs and TRAINERS for the love, care, trainging and improvements of ponies and trainers.  We simply as you have fun, and use our resourses respectfully.

We are primeraly a European time zone stable, so we are most active between 10AM and 4pm SLT  Sunday - Thursday and much more on firday and saturday. We also have active presance in competitions, and in the polo league, were our team of regular ponies (DarkWing-AliKat Memorial Team) represent both our stable and ethos.

Our public facilitys include:

Dressage fields - (Silent, Flower and ABRS)

Steeples (ToyBox Steeple, Cloud Steeples, and Two Steeple Trainers)

Carting Paths & BB's Speedster Carting track

as well as a verity of Slalom  (normal and O-Slalom) and traditional Barrel Racing (with a twist of apples) courses

Blindfold Carting, for the more adventiourus ponies

OH YES, not to mention out POLO TRAINGING FIELD. Home of the Darkwing-ALikat, and the upcomming DARKWING-BARN polo teams.

and a verity of JUMP-Training systems to help improve accuract and control.


For our family members (DarkWing-Ponies) we also offer both normal and RLV scripted stalls with a 50-prim personal allowance to make your stall your personal home.

Please contact Safra Nitely if you have any questions or wish to hold and event in the sky-city or at our other facilkitys spred out across the grid.

Website: htt://


Stable Ponies

Stable Trainer