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Sunset Stables

Stable Owner:
Carla Laville


Sunset Stable is back in action.

. "At the end of the day I really could care less if I won or not. But it was a hell of a lot of fun!" - Carla Laville, stable owner and part time pony Silken Flame

Welcome to Sunset Stables.

Manager: Valeria Strzelecki

Owners: Carla Laville

              Shadow Laville

Event Coordinators: Cassandra Keneinan

                                 Amber Harrison


Sunset Stables is attached to an active role play community that is pony friendly. Ponies are welcomed and encouraged to use the attached roadways to cart the rest of the sims we own (Shadowfall Township is comprised of the sims Shadowfall Township, Firelands Sunset, Firelands Twilight, and Firelands Gardens). We have moved to private regions recently in order to better control lag. New carting paths coming soon. In the meantime feel free to use the main roads on the sims. The carts are teleport-capable via the tunnels right in front of the main barn.

The event stadiums for carting and steeples are accessible via experience tele-portals right in front of the main barn.



 Stable ponies:

Stable Cows:


Polo Trainer:

We offer the following:

  • Barrels
  • Slalom
  • Road Carting
  • Dressage
  • Steeple Chase
  • Cart Racing

We currently have several cart courses and two steeple chase courses. For carting we have the Haytona 500 and the Sunset Sprint.


We currently have a steeple chase course under construction. This will be a rebuild of the old Apple Blosson Steeple with some new twists.  This steeple makes use of the hot SIN-Ventions steeple chase system and features lots of  twists and turns. It has "breakable" hurdles and is just a fun course all around. The SIN-Ventions courses also functions as a training steeple.


Sunset Stables also now has two dressage fields.

Sunset Stables may not be quite as nice as the larger stables out there but we try really hard and we have fun while doing it.

Feel free to visit anytime. Sunset Stables is a friendly public facility. We are currently looking for trainers, grooms, and of course...ponies!