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Pony Play Cup 2017

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Final Points Rankings 2017

# Pony Name Points  
1. Alli Eberdene 47
2. JoanMitchel Resident 41
3. Pricilla Slade 27
4. Renztoy Resident 22
5. Liviana Benelli 20
6. Ralna Payne 19
7. Aoife Lawson 14
8. Heatherbroadchest Resident 9
9. Giannia Rossini 8
10. wetjody Resident 7
11. AshleyK2813 Resident 6
11. Windancer Farslider 6
11. PeachyDoll Resident 6
14. nana247 Resident 5
14. Sinha Hynes 5
14. BunnyH34rt Resident 5  
17. Kendra Chemistry 4
17. Daniella Zenoria 4
19. blair20x Resident 2  
19. Ayesha Askham 2
19. Auryss Resident 2
19. JuliaPa Resident 2  
23. maja breen 1
23. JessicaMorningstar Resident 1  
23. Toren Epin 1  
25 ponies total

Final Apple Rankings 2017

# Pony Name Apples
1. Toren Epin 3
2. wetjody Resident 1
2. StarshineBomberr Resident 1
2. AnastasyjaLorna Resident 1
2. yyCloexx Resident 1
2. salvem5 Resident 1
2. Sharnajean Resident 1
2. jessica1603 Resident 1
2. angelwhisper Mistwalker 1
2. Liviana Benelli 1
2. nana247 Resident 1
2. tibbis foxclaw 1
12 ponies total



The amount of cup events is strictly limited to one cup event per week, so a total of 52 cup events per year. There is a pool of 13 event of each type (barrels, cart, slalom, and steeples) listed above this rules section. When the pool for this type is empty, no more events of this type can be hosted as cup events for the year. Also there can be only ONE cup event per week, a week is defined from monday until sunday. A stable can't have two cup events in a row. Each stable can announce only two future events at once to give other stables the chance to get one cup event also.
See this link for list of available events.

--== RULES ==--

Rules in a cup event are simple, the rules for every competition are made by the hosting stable.


The amount of cup events is reduced and strictly limited unlike in 2011. So a cup event is something special. For hosting stables there is a list at the bottom of this page containing a pool of available event types. 2012 has 52 weeks, so there are a pool of 13 event of each type (barrels, cart, slalom, and steeples). This results in a limited amount of events per type, when the pool is empty there can't be any more events of this type. Also there can be only ONE cup event per week. A week is from Monday until Sunday. A stable can't have two cup events in a row. Each stable can announce only two future events at once to give other stables the chance to get one cup event also.
See this link for list of available events.


An event can be listed as a Cup Event when it meets the following requirements:
Every event must have...
... been announced at least 7 days ago at the website as a cup event
... been announced at least 2 days ago in the Pony Info Group (reason: PIG often does not deliver the message reliably) as a cup event
... a duration of at least 2 hours free to join the line within the time
... an official result including all starters, posted in the PIG and on the website


The official rule for counting has not been modified since 2010 and before. The hosting stables should count the same way to keep confusion down. So if a place is a tie the next place will be skipped. To give an example: 1-2-2-4-5-6 instead of 1-2-2-3-4-5. This will make it more easy to understand how the cup points are given. Refer to topic CUP POINTS.

--== CUP POINTS ==--

Points will be given in the following order:
10 points for 1st place
9 points for 2nd place
8 points for 3rd place
7 points for 4th place
6 points for 5th place
5 points for 6th place
4 points for 7th place
3 points for 8th place
2 points for 9th pkace
1 point for 10th place
every other place will earn an virtual apple (apple), which will be listed at the website beside the cup points

--== PRIZES ==--

Beside the participation of all stables and ponies the cup ... L$ tips at any time. We would like to encourage every stable to donate L$100 for a cup event, everyone else can donate as usual. These money will be exclusively used as the final prize at the end of the cup season (Dec 31st).
The final prize will be given in the following categories:
- best in cup (all disciplines)
- best in barrels
- best in cart
- best in slalom
- best in steeples
This means all the donated L$ will be split by five as prize for each category.

--== DECISIONS ==--

In case of any problems regarding the cup there is a board of judges. It consists of three people and has to decide with a majority vote. Judges may not be in any relationship (e.g. partnered, dom/mes, subs, etc). Their position can be transferred to someone else when they resign. All three judges will always be listed at the website for public view.
See this link for a list with the current judges.

--== ADDENDUM ==--

The rules as listed here can't be ever complete nor completely fair by the nature of SL. They are not fully bulletproof but they are done this way to not be a huge novel. We consider the SL pony-play community itself as a big team, a big family, and with that have a basic trust in everybody to provide as much fun to the community as possible. Timezones, technical limitations of SL, and much more uncertainties may make it hard in some cases but they should never be abused to the bad of other community members.

The following rules should be always kept in mind inside the pony community at any event, cup event or not:
- the standard pony behaviour always applies, ponies should be kind, attentive and obey the trainers, handlers and of course the event host
- ponies should visibly appear as such, that means head harness with a bit, hoofs and tail are a minimum requirement to participate
- participants and visitors should arrive before the event start if possible. Later arrivings and departings should wait for the clearance from the host
- hosts for events are asked for trying to arrange a broad variety of event time points, so every pony has the chance to participate

Sinha & Katinka & and the judges


as of January 2015:

Mikky Heron (mikky.heron)
Laverne Laloix (laverne.laloix)
Zap (zaphod.plutonian)