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Polo League

The SL Polo League organises and coordinates competitive polo events for teams.

Teams are organized by their affiliated stable. Matches are played with two ponies per team, but teams may substitute ponies between matches.

League announcements are made in the 'SL Polo League' group in-season for results, standings, and upcoming events. Please read through the past notices if you need to catch up.

Season 6 starts on January 10th.

If you consider taking part as a team, player, referee or hosting stable please contact Katinka Teardrop or Swenyia Chuwen.

Season 7

Upper Division

1Royal Horses 114122054:8+4638
2Ponies from Space 11491436:16+2028
3Ponies from Space 21474333:19+1425
4Darkwing - Alikat Memorial1454519:20-119
6Wild PonyGirls Valley Farm 11433816:27-1112
7Enchanting Pony Girls Stables1432915:38-2311
8Appaloose Polo Club 11415813:40-278

Lower Division

1Royal Horses 215120363:12+5136
2Wild PonyGirls Stables 2 1591544:24+2028
3Ponies from Space 31591538:29+928
4Estate Obscure1561834:33+119
5Appaloosa Polo Club 21551926:54-2816
6Fabulous Pony Ranch15201320:73-536

Season 6

Upper Division

1Wildfire Stables 11292123:7+1629
2Estate Obscure1263332:17+1521
4Wild PonyGirls Stables 11245319:18+117
5Darkwing - Alikat Memorial1241713:29-1613
7Frilly Filly Farm 1122198:25-177

Lower Division

1Wildfire Stables 214121176:9+6737
2Ponies from Space14120255:18+3736
3Risen Stables1490539:24+1527
4Darkwing Barn1473443:24+1924
6Fabulous Pony Ranch1441926:50-2413
7Wild PonyGirls Stables 2 14211116:52-367
8Frilly Filly Farm 214111215:82-674

Season 5

Upper Division

2Darkwing - Alikat Memorial1574422:11+1125
3KBP (Meiji)1572632:24+823
4Wild PonyGirls Stables1561826:32-619
5Frilly Filly Farm1553719:28-918
6StonesNRubber 11543816:32-1615

Lower Division

1StonesNRubber 212111062:10+5234
2Wildfire Stables1282234:12+2226
3Darkwing Barn1252531:29+217
4Wild PonyGirls Stables 2 1241723:31-813
5Best Darkwing Safra's Minions1241721:31-1013
6Fabulous Pony Ranch1240827:56-2912
7PbL Latex Ranch1221919:48-297

Season 4

Upper Division

1Darkwing - Alikat Memorial1081130:10+2025
2Estate Obscure1072136:7+2923
4StonesNRubber Stables 21061339:24+1519
5Frilly Filly Farm1061331:12+1919
6KBP (Meiji)1060435:20+1518
7Wild Ponygirls Stables1042435:32+314
9Poneys de Cadre Noir1010913:61-483
10Fabulous Pony Ranch101097:75-683
11StonesNRubber Stables 11010914:62-483

Season 3

Upper Division

1StonesNRubber Stables 114130159:11+4839
2Moaning Pony Stables14102251:19+3232
3Darkwing - Alikat Memorial1480645:37+824
4Frilly Filly Farm1471646:42+422
5Wild Ponygirls Stable1470747:41+621
6PbL * Latex Ranch1442845:57-1214
7Trotting Tails Ranch14211128:55-277
8Hobble Hoof Ranch14201219:78-596

Lower Division

1Fabulous Pony Ranch14110364:14+5033
2Estate Obscure14102264:17+4732
5Poneys de Cadre Noir1461732:55-2319
6StonesNRubber Stables 21451833:47-1416
7Aldarion Pony Team14211114:59-457
8Twisted Orchid14121110:78-685

Season 2

Season 1

Table after 15/15 games

# Team Played Points Goal Diff Goals Scored
1. Frilly Filly Farm 5 12 +19 44
2. Hobbled Hoof 5 9 +4 34
3. Stones N Rubber 5 7 +24 47
4. Wild Pony Girls 5 5 -2 27
5. Manoir de Sade 5 5 -20 27
6. Leder Latex Lust 5 4 -25 21

Match Results: