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3 on 3 Sloped Polo Tourney
Event #3124

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Type: Polo
Date: 2024-02-17
Time: 11am-1pm PDT
Host: syeira.amethyst

This tournament is coordinated by Anariel Irisse (syeira.amethyst) and Katinka (katinka.teardrop).  Group up into teams of 3 (reserve players optional) and compete in a sloped pony polo tournament against other teams! The format will be dependent on overall registration and announced the day before the tournament. Standard rules of sloped tournaments apply with matches being TEN (10) minutes each with a 5-point mercy. 

Full rules & regulations as well as a registration form and/or notecard will be provided as the date of the tournament draws closer with further promotion in the typical ponyplay/polo groups. For now this listing is being served as a placeholder while details and information are being finalized. 

Event Registration: -Coming Soon-
Rules & Regulations: -Coming Soon-
Challonge Bracket Link:  -Coming Soon-

Thank you for your interest!